Why do people choose this 4 inch andorid phones?

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

With NOKIA 4 inch android phones have always been a critical time, thinking I quite the NOKIA nothing to help, but still tried a force, so start Lumia 620 with three days, the overall feeling about this 4 inch android phones is not satisfied, the following to say that the use of feelings:
1 speed is good, and put the program soon, the phone is very smooth response.Internet speed faster Internet using mobile 2G network, open web pages a lot faster than the previous 4 inch android phones.Home magnetic stickers compare files response soon.Here to talk about are not satisfied with simply ridiculous

Battery is too small, usually work phone a little more, definitely less than a day, Sina, play will play on home phone, less than half a day off2. Appropriate computer client, directly connected to the computer, only like U disk to copy music, pictures, videos. Also can not create a new folder, change the folder.

3 4 inch android phones can not set custom ringtones to install third-party software, and can only be downloaded from the software, not their favorite
4 inch android phones can not install third-party input method comes with handwriting is bad with E63 full keyboard used to directly give up the chat QQ and micro-channel.No matter how settings, text messages will be displayed on the standby screen prompts, and display content preview, this is very bad, the phone is not on the desktop.

6. 4 inch android phones are installed with the music software actually can not select the songs stored can only select local music, all music files stored in the machine on the play list.The above is my experience of the past two days, some really can not accept third-party software to improve these problems, But most unacceptable battery problem at , after all, the phone is to maintain 24-hour boot, poor endurance, only continue E63 also carry around, even behind the NOKIA, I feel disappointed latecomers cautiously.