Wednesday, December 29, 2010 • Kingwood, TX 77339

My youngest son Brandon turns two on Dec 30.  It is really breaking my heart!!  He amazes me everyday, as do my other children, but WOW!  Who knew that my heart would be squashed so easy?  I know many other parents feel the same way as I do, and my question to you is--how do you handle it?  

I love the fact that he is growing up strong, learning quickly & is ornery.  I am happy he is developing fine & is having a normal life. However, I just want him to stay all cuddly & baby-ish forever!! 
 I keep thinking that maybe when I am older & he is this 6'4" 230 football player, he will still want to hug me.  Makes my heart break just thinking about it!!!
My other kids run whenever I say "Give mommy a hug or a kiss."  Like I am the scary aunt of the family :)   
I know I will have to handle it, and I will cry about it, but for now I will continue to cuddle him & give him all the loves & hugs I can.....before he starts running away too!!  
I wish all of you the best!  Peace be with you!!