The US Army won the Iraq war by mobile phone jammer

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Mobile phone jammers were widely applied by the US Army in the war against Iraq. Those jammers proved of vital importance in sweeping the most powerful weapon of the insurgents—the IED. Cell phone jamming devices are to IEDs what cat is to mouse. How do the phone jammers disable the IEDs? As is known to us, all the IEDs have initiation systems, most of the initiation systems come with mobile remote control devices. They operate by transmitting and receiving radio frequencies, generally the same frequencies of cell phones. Mobile phone jamming devices overpower the mobile initiation devices by transmitting a signal on the same frequency at a high power that the two signals collide and cancel each other out.

What is the mobile phone jammer applied in war field used for? How could the cell phone jammer help the US Army won the Iraq war? At the beginning the Iraq wars, the US government invested large sums for more than 50,000 phone jamming devices. They expected that the phone signal jammers could help them disable their enemies’ homemade bombs, but those jammers didn’t work as hoped at first. They were not fast and sensitive enough that they couldn't only offer protection of a few yards. What is worse, sometimes the signal jammers would lock onto each other and cancel one another out. After hundreds of electronic warfare specialists were sent to Iraq, the situation began to change. The specialist tried to bring the cacophony produced by 14 kinds of jammers into some sort of harmony. It allowed one device to send its signal and then go silent for a few milliseconds, so another device could broadcast. In this way, two signal jamming devices could be packaged into a single combination unit. In addition, the specialists spared no effort to analyze the frequencies the insurgents were using so that they could update the mobile signal jammers more quickly. Thanks to the efforts of these specialists, the US Army could dramatically reduce threats of the IEDs as well as the homemade bombs. As the war progressed, more newly developed mobile phone jammers were introduced. These devices could offer broader shielding ranges of radio frequencies. Since most of the terrorist attacks were disabled by mobile signal jammers, the insurgents in Iraq began to abandon the use of IEDs. Finally, the mobile phone signal jammers helped the US Army winning the war against Iraq easily.

However, IEDs and homemade bombs used for terrorist attacks are still a serious problem that endangers the peach and development of the world. So we must keep on ramping up the newest technologies to combat them. In the near future, we will develop more and more advanced mobile phone jammers to sweep the terrorist attacks. Under the help of the phone signal jammers, we will realize the hopes and dreams of a better world.