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Monday, November 17, 2014 • San Antonio, TX 78253
Inside the Q
Volunteering is an important part of my life.  I started volunteering at a young age.  My first gig was with the San Antonio Whitte Museum as junior chaperone for the Night with Egyptian Mummies sleepover.  Since then I’ve broaden my scope of volunteer activities to include animal shelters, camp for mentally challenged children and hospitals.
Sunday, October 12, 2014
eliza issac's Blog
People suffering from diabetes; ever hear what foods do not have to look and who cannot consume. However, some foods and drinks that can alleviate symptoms and even cure them of the disease.
Monday, September 08, 2014 • B4C 2N2, CA
Renita Collier's Blog
 A mouth full of fudgy frosting on your birthday, a fork full of toasty pecan pie at Thanksgiving, a cold bowl full of cookies ‘n cream on a hot August afternoon: These time-honored treats are among life’s sweetest pleasures, meant to be savored and enjoyed.
Tuesday, June 24, 2014
Matt Traverso's Blog
Diabetes and hyper-insulinemia as predictors of colorectal cancer risk in a prospective cohort of women: Women with diabetes are 1.5 times more likely to develop colorectal cancer than those who did not have metabolic disorders, according to researchers at the University of Minnesota. The findings, they say, add to the complex body of evidence linking diet and colorectal cancer and also provide new evidence that furthers our understanding of the role of insulin in the promotion of cancer.
Thursday, June 05, 2014
While very few readers will proclaim to be experts in medicine, most of us do know at least a touch about diabetes. We know that it's a condition which prevents the effective production of insulin, which ultimately tampers with the body's blood sugar levels. Unfortunately, at least for the majority of us, this is the pinnacle of our knowledge.
Friday, May 09, 2014 • Pasco, WA 99301
Brenda Sigmund's Blog
I attended a fitness convention about a year ago, and my favorite seminar was given by a Physician that stated, "It is better to be fit and fat than skinny and unfit." As a Fitness Professional, it can be difficult to take "body type" out o
Friday, September 06, 2013 • Simi Valley, CA 93065
     This article is not about discussing what I personally think about animal products, nor what a doctor or a certain diet simply states about them. Rather, this article will discuss the scientific implications of the consumption of animal products in relation to immune system health and the prevention and control of disease using research-grounded findings.