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Sunday, January 04, 2015 • La Crosse, WI 54601
Jordan Rudolph's Blog
2014 was a really weird year for me.  I would put most of the blame on transition.  Yeah, I believe “transition” is the word that can sum up just about everything that happened to me in 2014. Where do I start…
Wednesday, December 17, 2014
Rehab Clinics's Blog
Alcohol rehab clinics have to deal with a range of conditions. They do not exclusively have to deal with alcoholism. It would be wrong to assume that every patient is a straight alcoholic with nothing else wrong. The fact of the matter is most people have a range of other mental issues contributing to their addiction. This is why you will regularly find doctors prescribing medications alongside the usual itinerary of talking therapies.
Friday, April 11, 2014 • Albuquerque, NM 87109-3215
Megan Merchant's Blog
Dancing again today feels like a bit of a dream, a sense of delusion, and great excitement! Imagine Dragon: "I'm on top of the World" Offical Video The past seven weeks have been filled with:
Friday, February 01, 2013 • New York, NY 10023
Barbara Evans's Blog
I'm grateful to be mentioned in this inspiring article about a remote coaching client who suffered head trauma and persevered then triumphed.