How To Pick a Personal Trainer

Friday, June 28, 2013 • Denver, CO 80222

Every one of us has heard the news talk about how to pick a good trainer. Well as an owner/trainer of a fitness and wellness company I also have to worry about whether or not I have picked a good trainer to work for my company. I have hired and let go many trainers over the years, all for many different reasons.  Every trainer I hire for example has to pass a qualifications test. The qualifications test involves a hand written test as well as a practical test. Even if a trainer can pass both tests he/she must be certified with an accredited Certifying body from the National Committee of Certifying Agency. If a trainer has a degree they must also be certified.

Now with that being said being a trainer is not just about having the knowledge to train clients. A trainer’s job consists of many levels. The first level of a trainer’s job is customer service. Whether a trainer is working in a big gym or a small fitness center or even a client’s home, the trainer must provide customer service. The second level to being a good trainer is to listen to the client’s needs. Now when I say client I mean anyone in the gym, the trainer does not have to be working with the person one on one. Listening to the client will help the trainer to understand what will best fit each client’s needs and goals. The third level of a trainer’s job is to be able to sell themselves not the service. I say this because if a client does not believe or trust the trainer then they will never do what is asked and then intern never reach their goals. The last level and most important is the trainer needs to be able to pass their knowledge to the client. If trainer cannot pass their knowledge to the client the client will never learn how to be successful to maintain and reach new goals on their own.

Ok, so the last section tells you more about what makes a good trainer. Now how do you pick a trainer that is right for you? First things first don’t ever choose a book by its cover. Many trainers are very qualified to train in many disciplines of exercise. Picking a trainer is like picking a school to attend. What you learned in school will last you a lifetime so should what a trainer teaches you.  The connection you make with a trainer will last a lifetime, so pick your teacher well. Once you have selected a few different trainers you will have to check out the backgrounds for each one.  For example; experience, type of experience, certifications (specialties), and last in what exercise discipline is the trainer most experienced. All of these questions should help you make your choice as to which trainer to work with in the present and future. There will always be one important fact that you will never find on any paper. Do you interact with the trainer well? Only you can answer that question.

Now you should have all of the tools you need to choose the trainer that will best help you reach and exceed your goals.