My 2013 As An Aging Athlete!

Tuesday, December 31, 2013 • Denver, CO 80222

Hello Everyone!

For me as a professional 2013 was a good year. For me personally 2013 was riddled with injuries and set backs. This year I made the decision to drop in muscle size from 235lbs (which I have been carrying and maintaining for 10 plus years) to 200lbs since I am now 42 years old. My thoughts were that my body would be much healthier going forth by dropping the mass. I was not expecting the little injuries that would come up along the way. Everything from a pinched nerve in my neck to knee pain and all from the rapid loss of muscle around those joints. Even though I was still active the joints were not used to having less muscle around them supporting them. This was something I was not expecting at all. The funny part was the injuries came out of nowhere! They didn't happen during exercise or an athletic event but instead I woke up and was in pain.

So this has made me start a complete rebuild of the musculature system that I had built up for over 20 years. Starting with rehabbing of the injured areas, endurance strength and basic cardiovascular training. This year I will be applying NASM's OPT model from beginning to end.

Starting over as it feels is never fun for anyone, but it is also something that every aging athlete most learn to do as we age. Our bodies as I have come to learn from first hand experience do not like to carry the extra mass whether it be fat or muscle. The funny part is that I can remember older guys in the gym constantly telling me don't get too big you will pay for it later. Of course being young and cocky I blew it off and said no that will not happen to me. Well wake call for me and I can now see those guys saying it to me like it was just yesterday.

I know 2014 will bring an amazing change to me physically and mentally and I can honestly say that I am looking forward to making the changes to my body and my health. So I will be posting up my recovery and rebuilding as the year goes on. I welcome you to stay tuned in and experience my journey with me.