Back and Neck Pain!?

Friday, July 03, 2015 • Silver Spring, MD 20910

Eight (8) out of ten (10) adults will suffer from back and/or neck pain at some point in their life, according to Mayfield Brain & Spine. Pain can range from acute, that is abrupt to intense pain lasting several days or weeks. 

Studies show that 90% of adults experience spine symptoms at one point in their life. If those symptoms would be addressed early 90% of herniated disc patients would NOT require surgery. (Elements Fitness, Dr. Justine Bernard)

Sometimes acute pain can spread to the arms and legs, and/or might increase weakness in your extremities. In this case, stop the activity, do not wait but contact your doctor immediately and seek advice.

Many people have neck and/or back pain from every day actives, and are surprised to find out that their arms, lower back, or/and hips might be effected as well.

At HEYlifetraining Pilates & Wellness, we evaluate the clients current neck and/or back condition based on the Pilates principles, (taking into account, any recommendations from the clients physical therapist or health practitioner) and design a specific program to decrease pain.


Here are the top 5 exercises you can start doing today!

  • Shoulder rolls backwards (make circles with both shoulders slowly) 5 – 10 x
  • Gently squeeze your shoulder blades together (think of the mid-line in your upper back and bring the blades together) 5 – 10 x
  • Breathing! As simple as it sounds, breathing can release tight muscles and relax them (practice focused breathing into the area of pain)
  • Lying down, pull your knees into the chest and gently rock your pelvis forward and back
  • Correct your posture! Sitting or standing with ideal posture can alleviate many of the every day muscle strains

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