Breast Cancer Exercise Specialist

Sunday, May 06, 2012 • Silver Spring, MD 20910

When I heard about the Pink Ribbon Program I was intrigued. This unique program was teaching health professionals to work with Breast cancer survivors using Pilates-based exercises.

Here is a little history: My first in-depth experience with Breast Cancer Survivors was in 2007, working as a Fitness consultant for Healthmark Multimedia on a Breast Cancer Survivor project named:

Moving on: Tools for Breast Cancer Survivors.

I designed a Fitness/Pilates based program for Breast Cancer Survivors for Healthmark Multimedia. Through my work with Healthmark Multimedia, I learned so much about procedures, drug choices and side effects of both related to the surgery and recovery thereafter. The lack of education in making the right choice for the patient involved was staggering. Breast Cancer Survivors dealing not only with the emotional side of their surgery but the pain and often lack of function thereafter, while left to themselves.

By taking the Pink Ribbon Program Certification, I am coming full circle. In addition to my continued work with some of my current clients, I want to share the knowledge gained with others in need of a plan.

To this day, Breast Cancer Survivors are being released without physical therapy or follow up plans.

Doreen Puglisi, owner and creator of the Pink Ribbon Program, a survivor herself, created a Pilates- based program to help women regain lost strength and mobility, while learning about choices available to them prior to surgery and beyond.


I am grateful, for being part of such an amazing program and a

Breast Cancer Exercise Specialist”

for the Pink Ribbon Program.


If you have questions and/or know someone who can benefit form my help, please let me know.

In addition to private training, I will be offering small classes to Breast Cancer Survivors.


PS: My class was taught by Doug – one very compassionate and well-educated trainer. Thanks Doug!