Wednesday, January 30, 2013 • Silver Spring, MD 20910

During our long run of 13 miles last weekend one of our runners posted this question: 
How do I breath when I run? the short is deeply....and then there is.. diaphragmatic breathing, into the stomach, into the lungs are the most popular forms of breathing. Not to forget breath holding :)

Breathing is an art for sure and most of us breath shallow.

Some, very few of us breath to much and results into a very shallow breath. At resembles a bit of "huffing and puffing" and one get's very tired doing that. 

Here is an article that describes breathing a bit more in

HOWEVER (of course) I don't agree with everything in it.
Here is what I recommend to my Pilates clients and how it translates into your

Pilates breath - in through the nose out through the mouth.
From the lower abdominals, raising the diaphragm, up into the lungs (the chest does rise)
That only works if you can breath through the nose (I am one of those that can't) and get
enough air into the lungs!!

Here is what I like you to try:
breath in for 8 counts through the nose or mouth(no breath holding)
then out for 8 counts
Most of us can exhale much more then inhale! It makes for a good practice though.

You will feel the belly rise a bit but also your chest - now check in with your upper
back!! is it moving too. If so then you are on the right track with the breath
into the lungs.

Breathing patterns vary with everyone.
I like to breath in for 2 steps and out for 2 steps while running relaxed.
Always trying to match my breath to my movement and visa versa.

I would not use the exercises shown in the video to demonstrate what we try to
accomplish. Effortless breathing no matter what the pace and fast recovery after
each (i.e.sprint or hill) is your aim.


Until then see for how long you can breath in and out, comfortably and deeply.
Heike Yates