Hurricane Sandy and how to stay fit

Monday, October 29, 2012 • Silver Spring, MD 20910

  You are at home waiting for Hurricane Sandy to strike, you have taken all the safety precautions.

The fridge is full, you have plenty of water, batteries, candles, games for the family, and blankets in case the power goes out.


You might not make it to your regular workouts due to power outages etc. and wonder what to do?!


Print this little list before the power goes off and voila you are ready to go.


Here is what you need:

  • A blanked or yoga mat

  • Water

  • You and maybe the family


Ready? Here is your workout!

  • Stand at the end of your mat/towel and try to touch your toes – 10x

  • Put your hands on the floor and walk into a quadruped position (all fours)

  • Next, opposition arm and leg (aka bird dog – remember! ) 10 each side

  • Onto a plank position hold it for 10 breath (you may not have a working clock) repeat 3x (can be done on forearms and knees or toes)

  • 10 Push ups – either on hands and knees or toes you choose

  • Side plank is next – hold for 10 breath on each side (knees can be bent)

    Now it's time to be supine - facing the ceiling!

  • Arms to the sky, knees bent, roll up to touch your knees – 10 x

  • Arms by your side, bridge your hips up and roll down – 10 x

  • Onto the bicycle – hands by your side, navel to spine and make a cycle motion with your legs try to go for 10 counts on each leg

  • Stretch your back by bringing the knees side to side

  • Hands behind your head and then right into the criss cross (right elbow to left knee and reverse) 10 x on each side

  • Roll up is next (do the best you can, you know what you can do) roll up to touch your toes and then back down

This little workout should keep you going until I see you next time.


Stay safe and see you soon.