Open House at HEYlifetraining

Monday, November 18, 2013 • Silver Spring, MD 20910-2707

I was happy to see so many interested faces at HEYlifetraining’s Open House in November 2013. Everyone wanted to see the new location and find out what programs are available to them.

The event schedule began with a “Pilates on the Reformer” demo, Andy Steinfeld (a running coach, avid long distance runner and Ironman finisher) was sure that he “would hurt” during his 30-minute Pilates mini workout. He had never taken Pilates and was unsure of what was going to happen during the session.


After identifying his imbalances we started on the Reformer and finished with stretching on the Cadillac. The change in his posture afterward was extraordinary. Later on he remarked: “It did not hurt at all, this is great”!



Next was the “Pilates Mat class” on the lawn – I was glad the weather played along. Everyone was eager to jump on the mat and take the class.



Dina D. remarked: “I think everyone can benefit from Pilates. I was surprised at just how good I felt after the 30-minute mat class. I can only imagine how good Andy felt after his demo on the equipment. Thank you for a fantastic introduction to Pilates”.



If you missed the Open House, don’t hesitate to contact me at to set up your free 30-minute consultation and to find out how you can benefit from HEYlifetraining.


In health,

Heike Yates