Pilates with Blossom Lailani Crawford

Tuesday, April 29, 2014 • Silver Spring, MD 20910

April was truly a month of blossoms' and I was able to enjoy yet another wonderful Pilates workshop. We focused on connecting arms and torso while rounding out the practice with barrel exploration, from spine corrector to high barrel.

Blossom not only taught from her experience with the late Kathy Grant, as her master teacher, she also incorporated her own approach to the Joseph Pilates work.

Teaching us to connect and align, while strengthen our core (some of you already enjoyed the “rotisserie chicken”), mobilize the spine, while addressing asymmetry in the Pilates Mat work or on one of the barrels. She truly inspired us with her work formed by her own approach as well as others the was influenced by, for instance Kathy Grant, Ron Fletcher, Feldenkrais, and of course Joseph Pilates.


We learned, experienced and laughed (check out “Daisy wants a bicycle” below) and I know some of you experienced a few of the “new” exercises already.

Daisy wants a bicycle Daisy wants a bicycle

Thank you to Quantum Pilates, located near the Dupont Circle area in Washington, DC providing such a pleasant experience and plenty of space for Blossom to educate.


Heike Yates