I Hate Packing

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I always put off packing until the last minute because I hate choosing what to bring. Unpacking is easy--it all goes into the wash! At least I've gotten smarter after all these years---I don't really need a full complement of workout gear as I always buy a pile of cute stuff that needs to live with me. As to shoes, well I signed up in time for the Step Into the Future class so I get a free pair of Reebok shoes. Yes! And IDEA has the t-shirt (you should see my collection) so I'm set for a cover-up. If you haven't been to the World Convention before, I advise you to pack some evening wear you can dance in. The party looks to be just as fun as all the others in past years, so I'll need my dancing dress. And flats--high heels and I broke up years ago. Too much drama...

Other than that, I did a quick run to the grocery store and fruit stand today, so I'm fairly set for snacks. I saw in the promo e-mails that there will be lots of Powerade hydration stands, so I don't even have to worry about bringing along the water bottle I got from the convention in 2007.

This year I invited my family to join me for a few days so I'm sort of looking forward to that. They'll work the pool magic, Expo Hall and Disneyland while I go to my classes. Of course, I have some trepidation about their bedtimes as my kids (12 & 15) like to stay up late and I'm usually a zombie-like mess by 9:30 PM at the convention. My body rebels when I make it do more than 2 classes a day--it's a contrast to its preferred lethargy mode. Speaking of which, it seems to be almost 9:00 PM now. Perhaps I should practice getting to bed early. Or should I pack? See what I mean? I'll do almost anything to postpone that chore.