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Friday, March 29, 2019 • Victoria, BC V8V2H7, CA
Saturday, September 30, 2017 • Pittsburgh, PA 15212
Total Immersion Swimming Coach Deb's Blog
Hello Everyone!How's your journey today?Many of us are coming off of a warm weather season of competition. Some will have injuries to rehab, time to relax and rest, or on to the next seson of comptition! Where are you in that mix??Another idea is to practice and refine your skills or take up a new sport or activity!
Saturday, July 15, 2017 • Victoria, BC V8V2H7, CA
Working It Out
You’ve worked hard in every single one of your swim practices over the past few months. You showed up to every morning practice, even when the last thing you wanted to do was get up at 5:00am and go to the pool. You even cleaned up your diet, and started lifting weights.Now it’s time to put all that hard work onto the starting blocks and to see what you are capable of in the water. But, in order to swim your absolute fastest, you need to pick yourself out a racing suit, or as they are more commonly known in the swimming world, a jammer.
Monday, July 10, 2017 • Victoria, BC V8V2H7, CA
Working It Out
If you swim laps competitively, or recreationally, you’ve encountered a problem that is unique to swimming up and around the black line at your local pool—no music! Unlike when you are on the treadmill, pedaling on the bike, or lifting heavy things up and down, having your favorite tunes there to push and motivate you has always been limited to whatever garbage, err, music is being played on the house PA system.
Monday, May 08, 2017 • Victoria, BC V8V2H7, CA
Working It Out
There is a ton of different swim equipment out there for both the novice and competitive swimmer. From paddles to pull buoys to swim fins there is a never-ending pile of equipment to choose from when we hop in the water.As a long-time competitive swimmer I have had a chance to play around with most of them. Here are the three essential tools swimmers need in order to swim faster:1. Tempo Trainer Pro.
Saturday, April 01, 2017 • Pittsburgh, PA 15212
Total Immersion Swimming Coach Deb's Blog
Recently I had the opportunity to Coach at the Total Immersion Effortless Endurance Camp at St. Petersburg Florida.  TI Camps are based heavily on technique and application. Followed by swimmming!  Coaches are on poolside and hands on in the water with swimmers. As a 'culminating activity, we swam in Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico! (pics later)
Wednesday, March 01, 2017 • Victoria, BC V8V2H7, CA
Working It Out
Swimmers spend a whole heap of time swimming up and down that tiled black line.From those shiver-inducing 4:45am workouts, to the long holiday training camps, to a season that a never quite seems to end competitive swimmers invest a lot into the sport. This commitment extends itself to weight training for swimmers, and to the “dryland” side of their workouts.
Thursday, February 16, 2017 • Victoria, BC V8V2H7, CA
Working It Out
For swimmers there are fewer things they like hearing more than “paddles and fins!” The reasons are simple, it’s a break from the monotonous nature of most swim workouts, that can last up to two hours and cover nearly 7,000m per session, and of course, wearing paddles and fins is simply fun.After all, you get to go a whole lot faster than you normally would.Here are some best reasons that swimming paddles will help you become a faster swimmer.
Tuesday, December 27, 2016 • Pittsburgh, PA 15212
Total Immersion Swimming Coach Deb's Blog
"You will become Clever through your mistakes...."German proverbI just picked up the book "The Talent Code, Greatness isn't Born" By Daniel Coyle.  Interesting read.  Highly recommended by Coach Terry Laughlin, Head Total Immersion Coach.  In the book, Coyle speakes ablut 'deep practice.' Here is a summary of deep practice.
Thursday, December 15, 2016 • Pittsburgh, PA 15212
Total Immersion Swimming Coach Deb's Blog
How long does it take to mater a skil? As infants, parents watch their children to observe milestones. rolling over, sitting upright, crawling, walking, all are accomplished within a certain time frame suggested by pediatricians. Three months, six months, a year... A baby practices each day until these skills are accomplished. That is the focus of their day, well besides sleeping, eating and, potty! As adults our day is filled with many tasks. When we decide to add a new skill to our array, we too have to practice! It takes 10,000km to be an expert skier!

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