Team Believe Promo Video

by Chrissy Lomax


Team Believe is a marathon and half marathon racewalk team. Walk/Run programs are also available. Registration is open to both experienced and non experienced participants. Whether you are fit or just getting off of the couch, coach Chrissy will get you to the finish line!

About the Presenter

Chrissy Lomax

Chrissy Lomax IDEA Author/Presenter

I am a Polestar certified pilates instructor, a certified personal fitness trainer through The Aerobics & Fitness Association of America, a certified Balance Walking Pole coach and a marathon racewalk coach completing 27 marathons. I have coached well over 1000 people of all ages, shapes and sizes to marathon and half marathon finish lines. Since surviving a near fatal car accident that took me over 4 years to recover from, I was inspired to help others achieve goals by becoming a motivational speaker and by working in the health, weight loss and fitness industry. I am a professional singer/songwriter/guitar player working on my 3rd CD, a makeup artist and a hobby chef.